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patriots.jpgIt's September, which means back to school, pumpkin spice lattes, and for sports fans, the return of football season! Earlier this summer, Simmons College media arts communications student Amelia Cordischi '15 won a contest sponsored by the NFL to design a flag for her home team, the New England Patriots.

The inaugural NFL Fan Flag Challenge asked participants to design a flag for their region's team to help celebrate the 93rd season of the league. Entrants were also asked to write essays describing the vision and what inspired their design.

In her essay, Amelia captures what being a Patriots fan means to her, and how football builds a sense of community:

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Welcome to 300 The Fenway's latest installment of "Where are they now?", a feature that chronicles the amazing things Simmons College women are accomplishing after graduation.

Meet Michaela Eichenbaum '10, an adventurer at heart who has made her passion for action sports her career. She graduated from Simmons in 2010 with a B.A. in Communications and decided to move from her hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire to sunny San Diego, California.

She currently works as an art intern for SURFING Magazine while managing freelance graphic design and photography projects for various clients.


What is a typical day like at your job?
Out of everything I do, my unpaid internship is hands down my favorite, and there is nothing typical about it! I report to the art director and he gives me a couple of projects per day, anything from designing web banners, to organizing and preparing photos and files, to creating sponsor banners and advertisements for events (for example, I recently created a banner to represent SURFING Magazine at the Newport Film Festival).

The team here is very small, so I am learning up close and personal the creative process behind making a magazine.

What was the job application process like for you?
When they tell you it's all about who you know, they aren't kidding. I asked a good friend and mentor of mine if he had any contacts at the magazines in SoCal. He is an amazing action sports photographer who has done a lot of freelance work for many different surf magazines. He gave me the associate photo editor's contact info at SURFING and I shot him a short email explaining my deal and attached my resume. He then put me in touch with the art director.

They were hiring an associate art director at the time, I applied for that, but didn't get the job. I heard back from the Art Director about a month or so later asking if I would be interested in an internship (um, yeah!) I interviewed with him and started the following week.

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Carmen Baez '79 with Simmons students during annual trip to Omnicom in NYC.

Simmons College has an alumni network of more than 50,000 career professionals who are making an impact on society. Simmons alumnae are an invaluable resource to the Simmons community, and many are more than willing to help students achieve their career goals.

Due to the small, intimate size of Simmons, it's easy for students to reach out, connect, and receive support from alumni across various industries. Mentorship programs, networking events, and annual trips help bring together current students with the alumnae network.

For 12 years, Simmons alumna Carmen Baez '79, president of Latin America at Diversified Agency Services (DAS), has hosted a group of Simmons students at an Omnicom Group office in New York City. Omnicom is one of the largest advertising, marketing, and corporate communications companies in the world, and it maintains a premier client list that includes Apple, McDonald's, and Volkswagen.

What first started as a small group of students traveling to NYC in a rented van has now evolved into a highly anticipated annual event. This year, a group of 17 students met with Carmen for a full day of meetings, presentations, and networking with industry leaders.

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Meet Professor Bob White. Professor White has taught in the Simmons Communications Department for more than 40 years. He's best known by Simmons students, faculty, staff, and alumni for his animation skills, cheerful attitude, and teaching the crowd favorite, Communications Media. But did you know he wants to travel to Avalon and has an extremely useful hidden talent? Plus, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear who he wishes every boss in the world was!


What is your favorite class to teach?
Communications Media which I have taught for 40 years.
What's your favorite book?
The novelization of the screenplay for Forbidden Planet, the movie that burned the back of my eyes and the edges of my brain away when I was 10 and a half years old.
Do you have a favorite TV show?
I wish every boss in the world was Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS.
Fill in the blank: When I was in college, I ____
Learned to perform for the public while working in college radio, and by reading my poems & stories, and by being a student teacher, and screening my films, and by serving as acolyte in the Jesuit Cloister before dawn as Mass was celebrated.
What's your favorite band/artist?
I have loved Kind of Blue by Miles Davis ever since I saw tears running down a woman's face while she listened to it.

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Congratulations to Simmons' Department of Communications for winning the 2011 Rex Mix Program of Excellence Award from the National Communications Association (NCA).


The department was recognized by the NCA for its interactive, student-centered, and creative approach to communication education. Department Chair James Corcoran was delighted Simmons received the award for two reasons:

"First, the honor directly benefits both our graduates and current students because they have a major that is recognized nationally for its strong reputation. Second, this affirms a decision we, as a department, made six or seven years ago to emphasize media convergence, the intersection and interaction of multiple media disciplines."

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We hope you enjoy this special holiday video from all of us at Simmons College. As we bid adieu to 2010 and look forward to welcoming 2011, we asked the Simmons community to share their wishes for the coming year. Whether your wish is for an athletic championship, straight A's, or health and prosperity, we sincerely hope all your dreams are fulfilled.

Wishing you and yours a happy New Year!

Andrea Davis '12 created this video as an assignment for her Communications Technologies class. Professor Judith Richland says it was the first time many of the students had shot and edited video. We were very impressed with Andrea's multimedia skills, and even more impressed with her unique passion.

As kids, some of us dream of being rockstars and traveling the world. How many of us actually do it? Andrea, originally from Connecticut, knew she wanted to play the drums at the age of five, and as a member of two different bands, has performed more than 75 shows throughout the New England area.

Currently a music major at Simmons, Andrea plans to become a professional musician and actually do what most of secretly wish we could: travel and tour the world. Jealous, huh?

We're always looking for students with unique stories to tell. Let us know if there's someone you think is worthy of a blog highlight.


Besides @SimmonsCollege, did you know that we have several active tweeters who provide valuable information to our community? For example, there's the Communications Department, the School of Social Work, GSLIS, the Career Education Center, and The Simmons Voice, just to name a few. So, how do we keep them all straight? Well, there's an app for that!

Over the summer, the web team worked on a way we could showcase Simmons' real-time online conversations in a manner that was accessible to everyone. With the help of the web-savvy team behind one of Boston's most famous tweeters, @BostonTweet, we now have our own website where anyone can see what's being said about Simmons - as it's being said! Photos included.

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Simmons's communications department.  It was led by Professor Jim Corcoran who showed us the design lab, the student workroom, the state-of-the-art Simmons Radio Station, and the darkroom.  It was a great experience because I was able to learn all about the department's strength, which is "media convergence" - the intersection and interaction of multiple media disciplines.   

Professor Corcoran explained how the department is unique because it responds to the recent demand for multi-skilled graduates who can be a "Jill of all trades."  He said that today's fast-growing markets, such as media outlets, non-profits, community-based organizations, and small entrepreneurial companies are looking to hire employees who can excel at more than one task.

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