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Simmons student presenters in San Diego with Chemistry and Physics Professor Michael Berger.

At Simmons, science and research go hand in hand. Recently, 18 chemistry and biochemistry majors -- including first-year students -- traveled to San Diego to present their science research to more than 16,000 chemistry industry professionals at the 243rd National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), considered the premier gathering for the chemistry field in the country.

Chemistry Professor Rich Gurney says the students made such an impression at the conference, themed "Chemistry for Life," that many thought they were graduate students--or even faculty members!

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The Chemistry Department at Simmons is doing something incredible! Students are conducting serious research and are being asked to present their findings at national conferences. Since Simmons is committed to going green, this particular project is important.

Science students are taking the plastic cups that are distributed around the Simmons campus and turning them into a cleaning solution that is comparable to Lysol, 4-in-1 all-purpose cleaner, and other similar products. The Cups to Cleaners: Trash to Treasure project was spearheaded last year by Cassandra Cocoq '10 who worked on the project as her senior thesis, under the tutelage of Associate Professor and Department Chair Rich Gurney.

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Time magazine recently interviewed our resident expert on diet and nutrition, Professor Teresa Fung, for a segment they produced about the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. In the video, Teresa talks about her new study, which found that people tend to live longer if they get more of their protein from veggies rather than from meat (when associated with a low-carb diet). Interesting, right? Watch the video to learn more about her research and to hear some tips about what to look for when shopping at the grocery store.

P.S. Anyone else dying to go to that store? It looks amazing!


If you ever need a reminder of why you should be proud to be a Simmons student, just look to our own research legend, Emerita Professor Helen Reinherz, Sc.D. Dr. Reinherz was the director of the Simmons College Longitudinal Study from 1977 until July 1 of this year. Today she was honored for her 33 years of groundbreaking research.

Professor Reinherz spoke this morning to a small crowd of family, friends, and colleagues about the ups and downs she experienced throughout the years. You wouldn't believe that she could barely think of a negative experience - her attitude was 100% positive.

"So, I was thinking about lessons learned and true to my own overly optimistic nature, I could only think about the positive things I learned."

Since Professor Reinherz began a career in social work, her passions have been the prevention and treatment of mental health problems. The Longitudinal Study is one of the longest running community studies in the United States. Over the past 33 years, the study has followed a working class community group as they grew from five-year-old children entering kindergarten to adults starting their own lives and families.

The study has published over 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as book chapters. Incredible, right? Results have been shared all over the world! Isn't it amazing to be part of a community that is producing such significant contributions to society?

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[Ed. note: Professor Teresa Fung's study also made headlines this week in The New York Times: "Nutrition: Risky Additions to a Low-Carb Diet"]

I've been noticing many changes in The Fens and Java City. For example, in The Fens, my much-loved mango smoothies have been replaced by a fresh-rolled sushi station (I'll take it!) and on some days you can make your own yogurt parfait (I'll take that, too). The Fens also has an assemble-your-own mediterranean bar with hummus, tabouli, and pita bread, and although Freshens is gone, rumor has it that we can get froyo by the ounce at a "Healthy Balance" station. Anyone know if this is happening, yet? I need my afternoon pick-me-up!

Another big change is... wait for it...

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