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With graduation only a few months away, students are considering what they want to do with their post-college life. Many students have a passion for exploring new places and decide to work and travel abroad. The experience can really make an applicant stand out when applying to jobs in the future. Employers value applicants that bring a unique global perspective to the company. So, where should you look? We asked the Study Abroad Office for some suggestions on the best organizations to go through for seniors who want to work and travel abroad after graduation.


BUNAC offers students and young professionals the opportunity to work and intern in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada. The organization has packages that can include: securing the necessary visas, assistance with job or internship placement, informational orientation, special flight deals, emergency assistance and airport transfer.

Work and Travel Ireland

With Work and Travel Ireland, students and young professional can work anywhere in Ireland for up to four months for the summer program and 12 months for the year-long program. You can apply and enter the year-long program at anytime throughout the year, and the organization will help you with job and housing placement and social events on holidays and weekends.

JET Programme

The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme has opportunities to go to Japan and become an assistant language teacher, a coordinator for international relations or a sports exchange advisor. In 2011, the JET Programme had 4,330 participants from 39 countries.

Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vistas offers young professionals the opportunity to do work-study, fellowships, internships and professional training programs in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. The programs emphasize the need to understand cultural differences to succeed in an increasingly global world.

Want to stay in the United States? Teach For America

Teach for America recruits graduating seniors to commit to working for at least two years in a low income school system in 43 regions throughout the United States. Corps members teach pre-k through 12th grade and will teach a variety of subjects.

To learn more, call 617-521-2128 or email to set up an appointment with the Simmons Study Abroad Office. Follow the Study Abroad Office on Twitter and "Like" the Facebook page to keep up with current news and interact with other students interested in traveling and working abroad.

Soweto2.jpgIn May, nine students traveled to South Africa with Professor Dan Connell to study the state of human rights, two decades after apartheid. The class is one of Simmons' study abroad travel courses, which gives students the opportunity to travel for two to four weeks with a professor while earning credits.

During their journey, the students blogged about their learning experiences in an unfamiliar country that has struggled with many changes. They explored gender equality, the fight to keep culture alive, and in some cases, discovered similarities.

Continue reading Students travel to South Africa to study human rights.


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